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Options Sessions Per Month Session Length Also Includes
One on One by Phone 3 50 Minutes Touch Base Calls
 & E-mails between calls
One on One in person 3 50 Minutes Touch Base Calls
 & E-mails between Appointments
Group Coaching Customized Customized Customized



Enneagram 101:  How to Begin Using the Enneagram as a Self Awareness Tool

Kathleen, certified as an Enneagram Coach, loves to work with teams and believes the Enneagram is an amazing Self Awareness tool that can benefit you as an individual as well as your team and staff  immediately!  If you are interested in discovering a tool that helps individuals to identify strengths, challenges and development strategies then this class is for you!  In this class I will give you a basic overview of how the Enneagram can benefit you as a leader and therefore help you to work with existing teams so they can work more effectively together.   Some of the questions I will cover include:

  • What is the Enneagram?
  • How can I personally benefit from the Enneagram?
  • How can my team benefit from the Enneagram?
  • What are the best resources that will help me to integrate this tool into my business?
  • How can I continue my learning around the Enneagram?


How to Build a Successful Coaching Business

  • Are you ready to start and build your coaching business?
  • Are you ready to start generating an income from coaching?
  • Do you wonder where to begin?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you will benefit from this tele-class
This tele-class was designed to answer the questions that new coaches continually ask me:

  • How do I get started?
  • What do I need to do to establish myself as a coach?
  • How do people know I exist as a coach?
  • How do I attract clients?
  • How much should I charge?
  • What should be in my Welcome Package?

We will answer these questions and many more in order for you to learn the best practices to build a successful coaching business.
By joining a group you not only significantly reduce the individual cost of working with a coach, but you will also gain the wisdom of the entire group.

When: New Classes begin monthly



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Ann Summer
Princeton New Jersey
“I have found Kathleen’s course to be one of the most helpful and informative courses I have ever taken and one of the best investments of money and time. Kathleen is an excellent instructor who individualizes the course for each student’s needs, at the same time delivering a well organized, thorough, and interesting presentation of the material. She generously shares her own experiences and materials so that everyone who takes the course will be well prepared without having to reinvent the wheel. Each hour lesson flies by, as it is filled with a wealth of information, resources, and stimulating ideas that I find myself thinking about long after the lesson ends. I can’t recommend this class enough for any helping professional.”