Jon & Silvy
“Kathleen helped save our marriage. We thought we we’re at the end of our relationship and Kathleen helped us to see the things we couldn’t see and realize it was worth fighting for.”


busiAs Founder and President of Purpose Filled Coaching, Kathleen believes that every individual has been born with a unique design and purpose.  She finds great satisfaction in helping others discover who they were created to be and to live from that place.  She believes that true fulfillment in life is dependent on you becoming and doing what you were born to be and do.  She has a strong passion to help people live their very best life!

Kathleen is a graduate of Coach University, she holds the PCC credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and also is a founding Board Member of the Professional Coaching Association of Michigan (PCAM).

Kathleen has been involved in social work and social justice projects for the last 30 + years.  She is a Social Entrepreneur who has helped form several nonprofit organizations nationally as well as internationally.  In 1991 she helped found a non profit organization and 
today serves on the Senior Management Team of that organization.  In 2009 Kathleen’s 21 year old son passed away unexpectantly, as a result of this tremendous loss Kathleen and her family founded the I’ve Got Your Backs Foundation ( the mission of the foundation is to educate, impact, and inspire hope to youth in need.

Kathleen’s coaching experience has a wide 
 range; from coaching business owners and executives to 
coaching individuals, couples and a variety of groups.

Each coaching situation is unique and different and requires collaboration, strategy, skill and encouragement in order for people to become their best.  Coaching involves listening, hearing, and helping others see a variety of solutions, and then to zero in on the one that will bring the greatest results.  

Kathleen enjoys a rich and rewarding life with her husband of over 35 years; together they have four children and five grandchildren.  Kathleen’s family shares her passion for social involvement;  for several years they have, together and individually, been involved in national and international mission work which has included cities such as New York, Los Angles, Indianapolis and  countries such as Haiti, Jamaica, Peru and Guatemala.

Danielle T
“I feel very fortunate to have Kathleen as a coach, I have been challenged and encouraged!!! I am now making nice strides to being where I am supposed to be for this season of my life.”